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Before we lunched P2TP local groups we had attempted to grow a global group with SaveNatureFree.org on the Ning platform. The slack service desk and costs forced us to jump ship.

The Birth of the Pledge 2 The Planet Movement involves small groups in local districts adding friends More… GroupsStartup.net


First… Facebook and Google are now TRYING to sabotage me!

Now…Facebook and Google are now TRYING to support me!

it all makes you realize how important it is to check things out properly before you make rash comments.


Founder: me


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earth angels wanted.

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Save nature wile u SLEEP ©2013

SaveNaturefree 500+ members – Save nature wile u SLEEP

SaveNaturefree is an iSafeSite at http://savetheworldfree.ning.com

SaveNaturefree is Sharing it’s add revenue with members

This is the exciting part for you if your  willing to take advantage of our free membership.

This is growing slow considering that it will one day change the world, if its not too late.

heal the world

When you join us check out the FAQs page or the about us pages. and remember to keep in touch. I L U all deeply. Alexander

Questions or suggestions…

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I am Alexander Reid
The Founding member of “SaveNaturefree”

What happened to me on the day I went out riding my bicycle is a bit of a shock. The shock is because it happened in Australia, not some third world country. Police can not force you to endanger your own safety. But they do so knowingly.

I have had several skin cancers removed from my face and ears at the Skin Alert 200 Mulgrave Rd Cairns Tel 07 4041 5770.

It is common knowledge that a bicycle helmet is not suitable for use outdoors. So when police spot me riding along with a sun-hat on they seek to stop me. They want me to remove it and use a bicycle helmet out in the sun. Of course this action is unlawful. What type of outdoor head-wear is clearly stipulated in Government legislation. It recommends a 7 to 10 CM sun visor. Your not permitted to modify a helmet.

The Police are attempting to endanger my safety, So I have a right to take any reasonable measures to protect myself. But the police pull me over and when I resist they force me to the ground.

More police arrive and I find a knee pressed between my shoulder blades. It is pressing down on my heart and I can’t breath.

I can’t speak and I fear I am going to die. eventually the pressure lifts and a rush of air fills my lungs. I am taken to the police watch house where it is happening again.

This time after I resisted police attempts to force me into a tiny prison cell. Now I am in so much fear I submit. But the Police haven’t finished with me yet. I am escorted to another cell, this one padded with soft lining. I am striped naked by several policemen forced to the ground and my legs are bent and held at the ankles so that my heels are touching my buttocks. I cant see what is going on but it feels like an internal search.

I don’t go out anymore.
I will never forget the experience.

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