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First… Facebook and Google are now TRYING to sabotage me!

Now…Facebook and Google are now TRYING to support me!

it all makes you realize how important it is to check things out properly before you make rash comments.


The Indigo Mission

Facebook and Google are now TRYING to sabotage me.  I can’t post comments under The Indigo Mission channel, and I can’t Share any posts on Facebook.

I AM making a true difference!  I AM spreading way too much LIGHT for their comfort!  Yeah, baby!  And I AM JUST GETTING STARTED!  WOOHOO!

But this is also a message from God that I can’t spread this message alone, and I am not meant to!  This is OUR planet, not mine, and WE have to make this happen together!  So please, SHARE this blog far and wide and help me WAKE UP as many as possible before it’s too late!  Everybody MUST READ God’s Top 7 FAQs!

*** Make This Viral!  ***

Share it everywhere so ‘they’ don’t have a chance of stopping us!


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