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I am Alexander Reid
The Founding member of “SaveNaturefree”

What happened to me on the day I went out riding my bicycle is a bit of a shock. The shock is because it happened in Australia, not some third world country. Police can not force you to endanger your own safety. But they do so knowingly.

I have had several skin cancers removed from my face and ears at the Skin Alert 200 Mulgrave Rd Cairns Tel 07 4041 5770.

It is common knowledge that a bicycle helmet is not suitable for use outdoors. So when police spot me riding along with a sun-hat on they seek to stop me. They want me to remove it and use a bicycle helmet out in the sun. Of course this action is unlawful. What type of outdoor head-wear is clearly stipulated in Government legislation. It recommends a 7 to 10 CM sun visor. Your not permitted to modify a helmet.

The Police are attempting to endanger my safety, So I have a right to take any reasonable measures to protect myself. But the police pull me over and when I resist they force me to the ground.

More police arrive and I find a knee pressed between my shoulder blades. It is pressing down on my heart and I can’t breath.

I can’t speak and I fear I am going to die. eventually the pressure lifts and a rush of air fills my lungs. I am taken to the police watch house where it is happening again.

This time after I resisted police attempts to force me into a tiny prison cell. Now I am in so much fear I submit. But the Police haven’t finished with me yet. I am escorted to another cell, this one padded with soft lining. I am striped naked by several policemen forced to the ground and my legs are bent and held at the ankles so that my heels are touching my buttocks. I cant see what is going on but it feels like an internal search.

I don’t go out anymore.
I will never forget the experience.


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